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Installing Eye-Catching Features in Your Garden in Ashford, Middlesex

As an expansive outdoor space, your garden has unlimited potential. Choosing a number of creative garden installations is one of the most effective ways of refining your outdoor area. At Colin Hay, in Ashford, Middlesex, we provide clients throughout the area with a selection of stunning installations, including attractive lawns, blissful water features, and quality decking.

Turf Project Before and After

Ponds and Water Features

The sight and sound of running water adds a feeling of peace and tranquillity to any garden, making it a lovely place to relax and unwind. Our selection of water features will make huge improvements to your garden while also showcasing the design and personality of your home or premises.

New Lawns and Re-Turfing

Ideal for new houses, or in locations where grass does not grow, the installation of brand-new turf will increase the value of your property and add a green and natural feel to your landscape. Similar benefits are experienced when re-turfing takes place, with weathered or trodden ground being replaced by a luscious lawn. Our landscapers are capable of laying fresh turf on new or paved surfaces or alternatively using it to replace existing grass. When it comes to re-turfing, we will dig up the old grass before treating and levelling the ground in preparation for the new turf.

Choose Low-Maintenance Astroturf

For businesses or homeowners who want an attractive green area without the need for regular maintenance, astroturf is the perfect solution. This convenient material offers a similar appearance to grass, but does not require watering or seasonal care. Astroturf is also suitable for families with children and pets. After fitting the astroturf, we will provide expert advice and guidance on how best to look after the surface, making sure it lasts for many years to come.

Outdoor Decking

No matter the size of the project, whether taking place at a small home or a large commercial property, the team at Colin Hay will provide a first-class decking service. Using many years of experience, our tradesmen will install decking and railing systems that act as a great feature for your garden.

Outdoor Deck

Contact us now, in Ashford, Middlesex, for further details about our decking and garden installations.